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I love softball & all of the wonderful things it has brought to my life. However, I believe there is more to it than throwing and catching a ball. I want to take your daughter to the next level but I also want her to be a good teammate and person. I want her to have confidence in who she is as a young woman and I want her to find the right fit for her and her future.


I offer small group lessons (up to 3 girls) in order to cultivate competition and camaraderie. I focus on mastering the craft that is catching. We will work on everything from blocking and receiving to throwdowns and leadership. Your daughter will learn just how important her role is on her team as an athlete and as a leader.



One-on-One Lesson

Southwest Florida area

1 Hour



Group Lesson

Southwest Florida area

1 Hour

Up to 3 girls

CAMPS  +  Practices

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