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A  PODCAST  DEDICATED  TO  CALLING  OUT  AND  CELEBRATING  THE  THINGS  THAT  MAKE  US  UNIQUE  in  an  effort to  encourage  everyone  to  be  the  number  one  best  version  of  themselves

On "You Have to be ODD to be Number ONE" I'll be interviewing people with great stories to find out what makes them special. I'll start every episode by asking THE question:

What is it that makes you, YOU? 

I believe that everyone has a unique purpose just for them and when we know what makes us unique we can live that out more fully as the number one best version of ourselves. 

I'm new at this and it's kind of outside my comfort zone but I'm also really excited about it! So if you like what you hear or are looking forward to who I might have on in the future, make sure you subscribe and share with your friends! Thank you so much for coming alongside this with me!

And remember--you have to be odd to be number one, so just be you!


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