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The Woman I Want To Be

I have friends that knew exactly where they wanted to be with a career. I wasn't really like that. Sometimes I felt like they had it more figured out than me. Because beyond softball I didn’t know what I wanted to do, not really, and there was no telling if I would have ended up here. I always just assumed I would figure it out along the way.

Even though I didn’t really have “career goals” I did always know the person I wanted to be. I knew I wanted to be someone that was loyal, dependable, trusted, and kind. I wanted to be someone who was tough enough to pick herself back up and caring enough to pick others up as well. I wanted to be someone who could confidently be herself and speak up when she knew she should. I could see that version of myself more clearly than any future job.

And since college I’ve noticed that through everything God laid before me, that I’ve become more and more of the woman I knew I could be. A woman I’m proud to have become.

Whenever I have felt “lost” or “behind” my peers in one way or another I’m reminded of the woman I wanted to be, the woman I thought of in moments full of choices and I’m grateful God put that version of me on my heart so long ago. She guided me to who I am today.

So whether or not you have your life figured out with the job/career of your dreams in your sights, I ask you, not what do you want to be but WHO do you want to be? If you think of that version of yourself, you’ll find that you’ll turn in to someone you’re proud to be. Because no matter where you are in your career you can always be a person that makes an impact.

So here is to best version of all of us. The one we see in ourselves now or the one we hope to become. She’s worth going through the hard stuff. She’s worth choosing even before we see her. She’s worth fighting for ✨

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